2011 Trip - Tourcoing Hosting

2011 Rendez-vous en France.

Another opportunity to firm up our friendship with our counterparts in Tourcoing. Plenty to see and do with the help of our lovely French hosts. Staying in their homes provided a real flavour of real living in France in a town very similar to Rochdale in so many ways.

We had a lovely time sampling French cuisine at the home of one of Les Amis de Rochdale and were entertained by local musicians. We also visited Dunkirk and viewed the memorial to all the fallen soldiers and toured the museum. We had a very interesting time exploring the ramparts of Bergue and its belfry overlooking the town. French host families also provided simpler pleasures to visitors, such as visit to the local primary school, shopping and lots of time to practise our French (Fortunately they are most forgiving).