2015 Trip - Tourcoing Hosting

2015 Fun in France

Saying farewell to Rochdale, setting off in the coach heading for Dover, the group anticipated many different activities and pleasures as provided by our hosts. Arriving in the evening we were swept into a warm and welcoming Civic reception in Tourcoing Town Hall before our hosts escorted the families to their homes.

On the following day we were able to spend time with our hosts in various ways including a day out in Lille to see the beautiful buildings, take a boat trip and a relaxing rest in the square enjoying drinks and a delicious lunch in the sunshine. For some there was a trip over the border to Belgium for shopping, and for others a reunion with hosts and their families. The trip also included a great group day out visiting The Hill of Notre Dame de Lorette where the architect Phlippe Prost designed a monument in the shape of an elipse to commemorate and honour all the WW1 soldiers who died defending or trying to take the hill which looks over the plains of Artois.

After a very lighthearted lunch with much laughter and fun we moved on to the Louvre Lens where we were able to take in the wonderful exhibits therein.

We also enjoyed French and English families coming together for socialising with Karaoke, table tennis, pool and food at the home of one of our French families. The morning activity in Tourcoing centre included trying our hand at Boules which is a curious game of skill which few of us mastered but it really didn't matter. There was time for sightseeing and shopping too. Our visit culminated in a huge gathering for a picnic with drinks and dancing till late. Then next morning it was time to board the coach to come home bidding a fond farewell.