Young "Friends"

Being a member of the Friends of Tourcoing provides fantastic opportunities for families with children. Where possible, we stay with families who have children of a similar age so they make friends really quickly. It’s brilliant to watch children having fun playing together, even though they speak very little of each other’s language!

My boys have even had the chance to experience a French school, which they shared with their classmates back home, although I think they preferred the more fun activities we’ve done on the visits such as the tree top adventure! We have always been made to feel very welcome by our hosts and soon find common ground. Immersing ourselves into the home of a French family means we experience the culture first hand, which we would never do on a normal holiday.

It’s also great when the Les Amis de Rochdale visit us and we try to give them a taste of English northern life! I think the children look forward to seeing each other again as much as the adults!

Being a member of the Friends of Tourcoing has not only allowed me to make contact with and get ‘real’ resources to strengthen the language provision we provide at Caldershaw but it has meant my own knowledge of the language and French culture has improved! Not only this but I have made a number of great friends, English and French, and had a brilliant time along the way!

Clare Riley

"When we go to Tourcoing we get to play with French children and it doesn’t matter that sometimes we don’t understand each other. I liked climbing in the trees when we went to Tourcoing last time. It was a bit scary but exciting!" – Matthew (aged 9)

"The boules game we played this year was fun and we had pizza afterwards! One night we tried snails and I had 6! I think going to Tourcoing helps me with the French I am learning at school" – Stan (aged 11)

School Links

This year Caldershaw Primary School welcomed back The Friends of Tourcoing with their guests from Les Amis De Rochdale for an afternoon of playing table top games and puzzles. Games such as Snakes and Ladders, Connect Four and Jenga provided the perfect opportunity for the children to try out their French language skills as they invited their guests to play and puzzle along with them.

Afterwards, the twinning groups were treated to an afternoon tea as the school choir entertained them with a rousing performance of songs with musical accompaniment. They were also given a tour of the school to see the children hard at work in their classrooms and a display of Norbert, the school’s French bear, on his visit to Tourcoing last year!